Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What is this?

What is this? 
This, dear reader, is a blog.
Wow thank you very much asshole; I know its a blog. Its on "Blogger.com". Do you even know what a fucking blog is? Alright, so what sort of blog is this? 
What it is, dear reader, what it shall be is a collection of musical, literary, photographic, and Cinematographic data gleaned from one ambitious year, my sophomore year of college at the University of Kansas.
Data? What are you, a robot? I wasn't aware that we admitted non-humans to the University.
Dear reader, chill. I have a belly-button
So is that like a flesh belly-button, or a plastic "self-destruct" button located about the midregions of your steel chassis? Because I will seriously press it if you say "dear reader" one more time.
Would you prefer if I addressed you as "The One Called Abraham"?
No! What the fuck, that's wierd. Actually, yes, that's much more appeasing.
Very well, dear reader-
-Alright, I'm peacing out-
-Wait, you are my only reader, The One Called Abraham, I cannot lose you!
(exasperated humph) Ok fine. What is it you have to say?
I simply wished to state more clearly "What sort of blog" this is:
First of all, I'm writing this entirely for myself. If you want to read, by all means read on, but I'm not trying to kiss asses here, I do enough of that as an RA. Hell, this blog is my dark side. This is where I will say what I was actually thinking when confronting unfortunate individuals. It is also a place where I will post links to my music and film as it manifests. From here on out, my posts will not concern the blog itself, but shall hopefully offer a clean window into my world- the World o' Maxwell, or "Neptoons" - but that's just a name I've been throwing around for my musical identity.